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The Osteria Al Ponte del Diavolo is proposed as an

ideal place to organize your reception.

Wedding in Torcello is a privilege, to celebrate at

Ponte del Diavolo is now a tradition.

The island most extraordinary of all times, the professionalism and the attention

to the detail will do even of your wedding a memorable day for your guests.


In the heart of our garden,

we’ll transform your dinner in a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hospitality and professionalism will be at your disposal.

Elegance and warmth for ceremonies,

gala dinners, conferences, weddings and other occasions.


Our Events

2010    Mostra di Pittura e Scultura dell’Artista francese

Veronique Dalla Favera ” Verodalla”

2008    Concerto di Tango Argentino con Campioni del Mondo

Juan Carlos Martinez e Nora Witanowsky

accompagnati dall’Orchestra

“Trio con Tempo”

2010    Sfilata di Gioielli in Vetro di Murano con

African Art “JCK”